1. The best place to sleep at Heathrow is Terminal 1, according to insiders. Most spacious, most seats.
  2. The Starbucks in T3 departures stays open around the clock, to serve staff – “because employees need their coffee fix.”
  3. “You make your own luck” (overheard).
  4. The jet ban from Heathrow after 11.30pm can be waived in certain circumstances.
  5. The world is very, very small.
  6. It’s not the waiting, it’s the not knowing.
  7. There is only one duty manager for all five Heathrow terminals, even in the middle of travel chaos.
  8. Extreme circumstances make people communicative and good-natured (for the most part).
  9. There are power sockets in the floors if you look hard enough.
  10. Twitter is the best way of keeping up to date with what’s happening at all the airports. Not staff.
  11. A new term, to describe a distinctly British titillation providing a fruity blend of weather-obsession, solidarity against authority and schadenfreude: “snow porn.”

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